Center for Reflective Action

A restorative and reparative force for union of neighbor with neighbor.

Welcome to the Center for Reflective Action website.

A  place where tools and resources for examining and addressing social justice issues can be found.
We look to develop and support a model of reflective-action through the work here.
The website offers reflections, actions,teachings, and a newsletter – focused on social justice issues.
It is hoped that these offerings will be seen as an invitation to deepen ones understanding
and perhaps become more engaged in these matters that impact all.

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Musings from the staff and others to share. 

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Embodying our intentions with action… that’s what changes things.  


Sharing wisdom. 


What Is In A Name?

In the long term we must be committed to work toward changing unjust systems and removing the many obstacles in the way of achieving true liberty and justice and equal opportunity for all.
In the short term, we have an opportunity on November 2 to amend the name of our state to symbolize this commitment and better reflect who we are and who we want to be, by permanently removing the words ‘and Providence Plantations’ from our state name.

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Defund the Police

With the newly awakened awareness of the American people, coupled by the desire to transform, personally and publicly, this Center for Reflective Action issue brief  will focus on one aspect of criminal justice reform.

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The History

Thirty years ago the Sisters of St. Joseph operated the Center for Reflective Action in Holyoke, MA. This center offered education and advocacy for peace and social justice issues.
In time, the Center closed, but the work continued on.
This website is a resurrection of the Center; no longer in a physical space – but here in “cyber-space” we seek to fulfill our goals and mission by sifting through the multitudes of confusing and sometimes questionable information to offer guidance for your journey. 

The Group

Patty McDonnell, SSJ

Teresa Foley, Agregee 

Denise Granger, SSJ

Carol Allan, SSJ

Theresa Bessette, Partner