Center for Reflective Action

Vision and Mission

To offer a space

where individuals can find useful resources for addressing social justice issues using a reflective-action practice model.

To provide reflective opportunities that support informed understanding of and dialogue about the multiple dimensions of social justice issues.

  • To increase the use of language that educates without harming and advocates for change without polarized language or actions.
  • To advocate action for change in a way that brings people together, not cause further divisions.
  • To find, develop, and share tools to assist others in the practice of respectful, restorative, and reparative thinking and acting.
  • To provide a space in the cybersphere to hear and discuss difficult issues in a nonviolent positive way.

The site will do this by:

  • Being a resource for restorative opportunities and informed dialogue that is nonviolent; not polarized, oppressive, aggressive but seeking to more deeply understand the multiple dimensions of social justice issues.
  • Providing information, education, and activity announcements through production of a cyber newsletter that focuses on identifying opportunities for reparative action and advocacy.
  • Seeking collaboration and partnership with other agencies and organizations dedicated to restorative and reparative action.
  • Developing the website cyber center to serve as a platform for educated and compassionate dialogue about issues without polarizing or demeaning speech, writing or linguistic violence or oppression.