Cosmology and Differences

Excerpts from an article by Sr. Lorraine Villemarie, SSJ

Simply stated, the three cosmological principles are:

  • Identity – tells what a subject is interiorly. Identity automatically interacts with the environment and has the capacity to change when in communion with another entity.
  • Communion – occurs when two identities communicate with each other.
  • Differentiation – two identities in communion become something different.

Everything in the universe came into existence through the cosmological principles. They are the basis for evolution that operated for millions of years and continues today.
This evolutionary process happens automatically with nature but not with human behaviors. Because people possess free will, some actions regarding nature are [sometimes] dysfunctional.

Our generation has become more conscious of destructive practices. Consciousness is an internal awareness of new ways of being that could liberate us from these destructive behaviors. What would individual behavior look like if the cosmological principles were the basis of human behavior?

Everything is connected, inviting people to be more open to communicate with entities.

Differences are appreciated and seen as gifts, not dividers.
Everyone accepts and respects all people, no matter our differences.

I’ve become so aware of these principles in my daily life. In many instances, I recognize them when they happen and feel challenged when they don’t.

Sr. Toni Nash ended her dissertation on Cosmology with these encouraging words:
We are being called to a radical interdependence with the beings and processes of the cosmos. If radical interdependence becomes the foundation of all our actions, we will be tapping into the creative energy of the universe to address the challenges of our combined crises, finding new partners with whom to collaborate, and living into a vibrant future for the whole Earth community.
Most especially, I’m grateful to move one step deeper into my loving relationship with this Divine Mystery.
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